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  1. Christmas presents
  2. Getting more money
  3. Practising piano after ten years or so
  4. Supporting vegetarianism
  5. Doing things my way


1. Found out that widgetizing could cost money

2. Updated links/blogroll bar to include connection from other sources

3. Posted like crazy with Quality Content

4. Checking mail like I am paranoid for Alpha/Beta Testing Rounds

5. Checking the Other Connection like self-diagnosed paranoid too

6. Wondering when to say farewell to The Halls *sniff*

7. Tells friends from Other Connection about how to do Hyperlinking by sending them mail

A Spoonful of Raw Sugar: THE LIKELIST

1. More pay

2. Doctor Who novel binge

3. Found MMO’s worth playing for hardcore RP-er’s like myself

4. Vacation at Malaysia in a few day’s time

5. Marilyn Manson concert

6. The news that Björk is coming to Perth for the Big Day Out ’08 (I need to find a giant stuffed toy swan for this!)

7. A person by the name of I____ finally talking to me

8. Things looking generally… up

The List Comebacketh: RETURN

The Good:

  1. Transformers 2007
  2. The authentic Square Enix reprint of the Final Fantasy IX O.S.T from Gametraders
  3. More pay
  4. Holidays
  5. Winter
  6. Sleep-ins
  7. Soup
  8. More Time Writing My Arse Off


  1. Money goes like water sometimes
  2. Written Warning from work still playing away
  3. Return to work on Thursday
  4. Facing a co-worker by the names of M, T and K
  5. Cannot find my Transformers: Beast Wars DVDs!! Waaaah!!! *cries a river, turning into an ocean*
  6. The wait for the next  Ergo Proxy DVD


1) Sleep ins
2) Sunshine
3) Trying new things
4) Chocolate
5) Going slow
6) Lack of noise pollution
7) Iced tea
8) Chocolate cake

Weekmind: EVENT

Okay, in the following order:

1) a birthday for someone close, got to stuff myself silly, very good.

2) another birthday for someone whom I thought needed a better brain and for a deity’s sake, a better taste in boyfriends.

3) a random party by a friend who I haven’t seen for a while, very eventful, very nice.

4) Rainy day, ok, but we need soup for this!!

5) Penguin-OS up and running, hardware problem fixed, able to play “old-school” games.

6) Dreams weird; two me’s, one in a tank, one watching being passed by the said tank, odd.

7) Odd rumor at work to do with someone, D.

Ed Presents… The LikeList: EPISODE II

1) Sunny days

2) Meeting up with Chris and Tatiana

3) Seeing The Lump of Cuteness

4) Goofing off on Wikipedia

5) Grooving to ORIGA, Gabriela Robin, Ilaria Graziano, Björk

6) Buying Linux Magazine