Coins For the Jukebox: THE HALFYEAR

This is the biscuit’s crux
Solid rock against the flux
Ultra-heavy beat deluxe
KMFDM forever sucks
Here’s your voice from the underground
Get ready for another round
Nothing new it’s the same old shit
If it works this good why fuck with it

And so, a new era dawns with the Australian government swearing in the first time in history, the first Australian PM who is female and apparently ruthless according to the media in the “execution” of K-Rudd, the poor man now not getting the post of Foreign Affairs Minister, with the astounding gift of tongues to charm and beguile the Chinese. I am shocked at the coldness of this country, and the trouble it’s getting into thanks to the things heaps upon it’s plate, silver long tarnished by the matters of the refugees and the super-tax. I’m also annoyed that the whole thing doesn’t change much. If anything, we have voted for the lesser of two morons, or, I should say, same shit, different package. In others news, my life, after suffering the death of a pet who was the darling boy in the family, has turned around for the better; I scored a traineeship in the ATO that starts sometime next month and passed my college Cert. Normal programming will resume tomorrow.

  1. June 26th, 2010

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