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It got me to thinking that I very rarely get any comments from anyone outside the U.S. and Canada.  I did use to get comments all the time from Virgilius Sade, who’s in Australia, but he’s gone M.I.A.

The answer to this is definitely no, I haven’t. I’ve been out of the loop for so long that I[‘ve worried everyone witless. I had to go back to the real world for a bit to sort out the messes I’ve left behind and untangle all those knots, particularly to do with my perfectionist/control-freak family that I live with, my friends and where I’m currently standing at the moment with my wellbeing, not to mention chasing a pastry-chef apprenticeship after one week’s worth of probation as a bread-baker. I’ve even had a talk with my old psychologist, R__ who hopes that everything is going well after what has happened to me in the space of two to three weeks, who referred me to other organisations, even if he doesn’t mind me being on the line, phone-wise. Once everything is sorted out, I plan to move to a place far, far away, like what M___ has done, but with a career in mind and a working car. Isn’t life peachy?

Return of Belief: WEIβ FLUGEL

Oddly enough, this song is the most “lightest” sounding song I’ve ever heard from Team Fairithm, not to mention the cover for the single itself as well.