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I’m thinking of starting over with this and getting several “projects” I was doing earlier on track, some of these are:

Abstractions: Sci-fi Cyberpunk Noir started last year. I will try to reconstruct the jumbled timeline beforehand.

2nd Life: A story of memory and betrayal that I abandoned because of other pursuits named after an Earth Girl Arjuna song.

Alternate Symphony: Something made in the Symphonyverse to fill the gaps in the timeline. Very confusing.

So wish me luck, that’s all I ask. In the meantime, check out Randomly Relevant

Episode III: Medulla/Forgot-Me-Yes

She was here, the one I called Maria. She was still alive! I’d thought the war must’ve destroyed her, but I was wrong.
“Waaait! Wait for me! I wanna go with you!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, hoping only she heard. Winds of the Plains made my words echo around. She signalled the machine beside her to wait up.
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Episode III: Medulla/Intruders

I heard these voices inside his heart; the heart of The Drugged and Fallen one, the one who nearly caused my own tumbling into the abyss where my body would have rotted.
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Episode III: Medulla/The Pleasure Is All…

The cult member was dead; it sent a Continue reading

Episode II: Krankhaus/Scars and Stripes

They have assembled and one falls… Thus opens the next tale.