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Send in the Clowns: RESPONSES

Batty, Bat, Bat, Bat: PROMOS

So camp, you could call it a “camp site” 😛

Random Curiosity: JOKER JUICE

I made this up myself during one rare sunny day whilst looking for something to drink. Having a hankering for something icy, sweet and with milk and not feeling like having the “coffee-shakes”, I made the perfect ticket.


½ a cup of crushed ice
½ a cup of berry mix (I used the Sara-Lee frozen in-a-bag variety for this)
½ a banana, sliced up
3 swirls’ worth of Cottee’s choc syrup topping
3 tablespoons of Vittoria drinking chocolate powder
1 cup of milk

Add the milk, crushed ice, berries, banana and the chocolate flavored things last in the blender and give it a whiz for five minutes, the results should be cold, frothy, weird-looking and purple. Simply pour the liquid in a tall glass and enjoy it with your friends. Don’t tell them that you christened it Joker Juice; they might give a few weird looks and check out the time in a very paranoid manner.

The Killing Joke: REDUX

I'm crazy for it! Are you?

I'm crazy for it! Are you?

Both pictures are from the back cover of the reprinted deluxe edition of The Killing Joke by Brian Bolland and Alan Moore which I bagged last Friday.

The Killing Joke: JOKER



I’ll be doing a colored version of it soon 🙂