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The Signals of the Universe: REACTION-CHAIN

Again my universe has spun ’round like a disco-dancer on drugs with glow-sticks in his hands, wondering if this is a weird dream or a disguised nightmare at a time when a world around me is visibly falling apart.  I have recently come across a man who is desperate for writers like myself to come out and ply my “trade”. In doing this, I have set a strange chain reaction in my universe and also dragged myself into making yet more connections to a species that I find hard to relate to: human beings. I am also partially involved with a show at one of the two convention centres on later during the month. Strange how the world just works.

Supanova: PART I

Cloudy, with bouts of sunshine and freezing wind Continue reading

Guilty Pleasures: PREPARATIONS

It is with great delight that I gather myself up from the books and the dust and set forth into The City on a sunny June day despite the strangeness of winter and picked up the following: Continue reading