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The Gathering of Ages: THE EYE

Well, it’s been a while since I heard from Matt’s brother, Mike since he moved from W.A to the Eastern States (which to my mistake wasn’t Sydney, but Brisbane) during Easter last year, leaving the three of us (of the original school posse) angry and stunned, his folks included. Continue reading



A nice and amusing AMV that a certain gangster showed me on a Friday night. Awesome.

March of March: EASTER

Since I have no idea of what to post, I’ll just leave you with this clip here featuring various characters from Death Note.

A Day Outside: GUYS ON FILM

After several muck-ups thanks to the workings of Continue reading


  • Costume party at A__’ place: madness driven by randomness, alcohol, food and music ensue, starting with a “traffic raver” and H_____ running down the street after I left, apparently half-naked. I___ loses his sledgehammer that he brought as a prop, only for it to return to him the next two days.
  • Two groups of randoms trying to have a go at me at the train over some idiotic stuff.
  • Met L___ at Perth, again, but minus his other half.
  • Going out to lunch with a Certain Somebody on Thursday.
  • Going with CS again on Friday, despite work the next day.
  • Normal programming will resume shortly.

Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy: ROTERSAND

From the album, Welcome to Goodbye.

Give me your faith, something i can believe in
and you’ll be my family, my brother, my friend
tell me a truth that i find not deceiving
teach me a lesson that i understand

Build me a shelter, a place I can dwell in
show me a future that I can enjoy
give me a reason and I’ll be your fellow
show me the target I have to destroy

Exterminate, annihilate, destroy!

Show me my leader and I’ll pledge obedience
whisper the name of the enemy mine
blessed be my fate and my tools of expedience
I’m going to fulfil what’s my mission divine

Exterminate, annihilate, destroy!

Wild… Strawberries!: PNAU

The next fad of ’08 for the kiddies, brought to you by PNAU