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Things to be Hated: EMBARASSMENTS

Things I hate that people do in public. Somewhat related to this post by the ever-lovable Sulz. Continue reading


1. Found out that widgetizing could cost money

2. Updated links/blogroll bar to include connection from other sources

3. Posted like crazy with Quality Content

4. Checking mail like I am paranoid for Alpha/Beta Testing Rounds

5. Checking the Other Connection like self-diagnosed paranoid too

6. Wondering when to say farewell to The Halls *sniff*

7. Tells friends from Other Connection about how to do Hyperlinking by sending them mail

The Storm Regathered: THE HATELIST

1. The fat lady with annoying little brats chucking a shit because her Large Sundae lid did not fit (since we now have new containers).

2. A certain someone chucking a small Drama Queen-like shit over being adopted.

3. The fact that most MMO’s are translated from other languages and seem to be soulless copies of one another (like Secret of Solstice being a clone of Ragnarok, but for the kiddies who don’t like serious D&D type roleplaying)

4. People who are impatient: instead of saying, “Sorry for the wait.”, etc,  you say, “I’m (feeling) sorry for your lack of patience.”

The Oncoming Storm: THE HATELIST

1. The Indian bus driver who obviously does not know his stops when it comes to bus-driving

2. Guys who think burping and farting in front of me is funny (No, it isn’t. Get a brain, guys)

3. Lame-arse phone batteries

4. SmartRider running out as fast as the Doctor’s Regenerations on speed (Or better yet, Ice)

5. Doctor Who Season 3 coming to an end

6. Having Writer’s Block

7. Waiting for my Neon MP3 player to be delivered via courier which was supposed to be here yesterday!!

8. Nostale’s Server Maintenance

The List Comebacketh: RETURN

The Good:

  1. Transformers 2007
  2. The authentic Square Enix reprint of the Final Fantasy IX O.S.T from Gametraders
  3. More pay
  4. Holidays
  5. Winter
  6. Sleep-ins
  7. Soup
  8. More Time Writing My Arse Off


  1. Money goes like water sometimes
  2. Written Warning from work still playing away
  3. Return to work on Thursday
  4. Facing a co-worker by the names of M, T and K
  5. Cannot find my Transformers: Beast Wars DVDs!! Waaaah!!! *cries a river, turning into an ocean*
  6. The wait for the next  Ergo Proxy DVD

Hatelist: RETURN

1. getting harassed by a drunk guy on the train

2. Running out of cred

3. Getting up early

4. Wondering about Monday


1) People bitching over the most smallest of things!
2) Being indecisive
3) So-called popularity contests
4) Missing a friend and hating it
5) Boring holidays
6) Starting things over
7) Being at peace even though it never works
8) Procrastination