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PenguinNews: UPGRADE.1

Published by awilliamson on Saturday, March 3 2007 @ 02:51:34 CET from here


The second beta of Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring, codenamed “Wei”, is now available from all mirrors which carry the /devel tree. You’ll find it in /devel/iso/2007.1. Currently the traditional installer-based Free DVD build is available with the filename mandriva-linux-2007.1-free-wei.i586.iso . The Free CD images will follow shortly.

This is the first build by a new build manager following the departure of Warly, so there may be slightly more issues than usual. Please be patient, and let us know about any problems you run into.

You can read more about this build on the wiki

That’s good news to hear, just hope it becomes an alpha and then downloadable version or wait until Linux Magazine gets a hold of the news and brings out a DVD upgrade for us. That’ll be cool 🙂


I have been Windows (or I should put it either Windoze or Continue reading

Weekmind: EVENT

Okay, in the following order:

1) a birthday for someone close, got to stuff myself silly, very good.

2) another birthday for someone whom I thought needed a better brain and for a deity’s sake, a better taste in boyfriends.

3) a random party by a friend who I haven’t seen for a while, very eventful, very nice.

4) Rainy day, ok, but we need soup for this!!

5) Penguin-OS up and running, hardware problem fixed, able to play “old-school” games.

6) Dreams weird; two me’s, one in a tank, one watching being passed by the said tank, odd.

7) Odd rumor at work to do with someone, D.

Deep Dive: LINUX

I’ve been lacking in terms of posts here, so I’d thought I’d fill in the reasons why. I’ve decided to switch from Windows to Linux (Mandrake 10.1) for good for the time being until I get a new HDD and at the moment I’m having a blast with it, so yeah. 🙂