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Russian Propaganda: STOLICHNAYA

I saw this during a screening of the French film of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. Weirdest shit ever. Even for an art-house/foreign film cinema.


Weirdly awesome! Check this out:


Last week as follows:

  • Modelling for my drawing class because of my boots: Many people complained of the excessive details giving them headaches.
  • Shopping for hats and clothes.
  • Getting lost with C______ “Tom Baker” V__ D__ B_____, A__ and D____ in Perth.
  • Talking to the same Nameless Goth Chick with the Guy Called Luca… twice!
  • Pirate-tines Day at Perth and at the Lucky Shag Bar! The Lectures went as follows:

Lecturer: Why are there so many pirates?

Us: Arrrgh!

  • Showing up the day after as The Mad Scientist’s Escaped Lunatic Experiment, shedding much of my Dandy aspects for a day.
  • Getting tied by P_____ and photos taken after!
  • Everyone checking out my goggles and boots with lots of black, metal bits and zips.
  • Touching the Spike on my goggles and people getting poked.
  • People asking me if there was “any free locks”.
  • Tom Baker’s constant craving for a certain corn snack originally from Sydney and Whoop-Whoop. I took the opportunity to make many an amusing joke about TB and liking corn… Corn Porn that is! The conversation went as follows:

C______ “Tom Baker” V__ D__: I want some corn…

D____: I’m starving! Wanna go to Maccas?

Me: He wants some corn alright!: “Show us your cobs!” “Now that’s some nice kernels…” ]

(Cue in the laughs as everyone else around us stare)

  • Hanging around in Borders and eating sushi like a starving man.
  • Generally goofing around.
  • People trying to convince me to “tie them up”.
  • Planning the next Thursday Event: Camo Day?

Trailer: DW 2008

Featuring the return of Rose Tyler (Yay!), Donna Noble (God no!) and Martha Jones (Whoot!) and music from the Third Series O.S.T by Murray Gold, The Futurekind.


  • The returning of me to College, with chaos and a whirlwind of Dandy/Gothic Fashion!
  • The Abiogenesis event on last Wednesday/Thursday where I took at least one picture, since I wasn’t in costume!
  • The two J-Dubs coming in my doorstep saying things that were obviously contradictory and about women and Their Place in the modern world where God supposedly still exists. Remember, I ranted about religion before and another sect of Christianity is no better than any other religion.
  • The Halls of the Worlds are back and in full swing! Hurrah!
  • The lecturer who is apparently a c*** who can’t tell the difference between an Emo and a Goth. Slap! That’s for being an idiot! Punch! That’s for pissing me off when it comes to your ignorance!

Anyway. That’s about it. Normal programming will resume shortly.