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Manipulations: EASTER EGG ROLL

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The Fuzzy-Wuzzy Feeling: THE REASON BUS

Finally, a reason to smile (or laugh insanely!)

Finally, a reason to smile (or laugh insanely!)

Can I drive it? Pleeease? Pretty Please?

Survivalism: MULTI PURPOSE

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Russian Propaganda: STOLICHNAYA

I saw this during a screening of the French film of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. Weirdest shit ever. Even for an art-house/foreign film cinema.

March of March: CRISIS CORE

Coming out March 29th.

Seeing Yellow: JAN!

Honestly, these adverts here have to be the best I’ve seen. Ever. I was also looking for the one where the man shouts “Jay-SONNN!”, but I couldn’t find it.