The Half-Year Run: CHRONICLE

I tried to fall in it again
My friends took bets and disappeared
They mime their sighing violins
I think I’ll wait another year

I want my chest pressed to your chest
My nervous systems interfere
Ten or eleven months have passed
I think I’ll wait another year

This post, only in detail. My year started as something not-so spectacular, until I said that H____ couldn’t give more hours than I wanted. Then, it all went to Hell for me a bit after that, hence my absence from this world. My studies were going fine, met a few friends, fell in love with a classmate. Already, the clouds were gathering on the horizon. I failed several times over, that was basically it, digging myself out of near-impossible holes, whilst dealing with the predicted weakness that I called Emotion and The Human Condition. I had my mettle tested in a place not suited for my temperament and paid the price by getting help from a place I despised; a Hell within my Eden. I then realised that the love I had and the relationship with the once classmate N___ was not to be, because I saw the flaws in the said person that refused to mend and parted ways, realising that this was the first of two doors to unlock in life. I succeeded by just three days ago, thanks to a realisation by a lecturer of my skills and what I wanted to do for the future that was still being carved before my eyes. Many people have said that I am stronger than most, but I’ve been so blind. Until now.

  1. Beautiful poem, I’m particularly struck by “…nervous systems interfere.”
    Your post is rather enigmatic, but, sorry for your losses and hells.
    You end with a bit of hope. Selfishly, I’m glad to see you back here. 🙂

  2. It’s not mine, actually ^^; It’s a song called Another Year: A Short History of Almost Nothing, by Amanda Palmer, of the Dresden Dolls. Yes, I’ve had a shit start to the year before this one, some things which are better left inside my head until I’m ready. I’m glad to be here also, and seeing Sulz back on as well, even if my twitter hasn’t been updated for a while. Might do that and a posting later.

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