An Ode to Anger, Or, Rant Deluxe: THE GREAT DRIFTING

Here’s the thing, I like going out to the City of Perth, or perhaps it’s smaller counterpart of Armadale, with it’s unique take on urban life; populated by hoons, beggars, shoppers, the pack of Valley-speaking Aussie teens toting Sesame Street bags with Elmo on them (uh, shouldn’t you have outgrown them by now?), drunken people of both Aboriginal or Caucasian descent and the occasional person walking around spouting nonsense or obscenities at random people (including myself) as I walk past, clearly armed with a bag I usually bring to TAFE, with no weapon in sight (or anything that I can use as a substitute), because it is clear that I have some business to attend to to do with paperwork, despite the fact that I hate the necessity of them and the bureaucracy that keeps on giving that kind of lobotomised nonsense to my person.

This is when I drift in terms of concentration, thinking about other things besides the priority, such as: am I having lunch here? Or maybe at Perth? The Armadale Shopping City food court? Or the Armadale Central one? Should I really be looking at that bookstore? Should I get some phone credit before I forget, again? I remember a green blur in the field of vision, like a man-sized grasshopper as I make my way towards Dome, which is near one of the Shopping City’s entries and Gelare, with their new range of ice creams catering to Asian tastebuds (mine included!). I see the “grasshopper” yet again, trying to gain my attention like an animated sign. Of course, my eyesight is limited despite having glasses to see. But, I saw writing on this man-creature’s shirt. I spell it out slowly, inside of my food-deprived head:

G-R-E-E-N-P-E-A-C-E. Shit, here we go… The man, no longer a grasshopper, smiled at me and said, “Come on, talk to me…” I hate those words most times, but not as much as the word “Excelsior”, which I’ve managed to type. Gah.

Then this Guy From Greenpeace (I have long forgotten his name) starts bringing the usual spiel about his love for animals and what the Japanese are doing to the whales, of which I am aware of. This guy then hopes to get a signature, since I told him about registering on the Net of which I probably won’t do anyway due to my lack of faith in these people and their utter stupidity when it comes to pestering people who are in a certain place for business to Get Rid Of Fucking Paperwork And Not Get More. What is wrong with you, Mr Greenpeace? Can’t you make do with what you’ve got? Since you are like a Hippie, aren’t you into DIY and playing Hacky-Sack? If you weren’t so busy trying (and failing) to sell me your sob-story and recruit me into your ranks, you would’ve saved all these whales by now! I am rather sceptic about these kinds of organisations or groups because of them doing things like this instead of shutting up and taking actual action, demanding the populace to provide them with signatures on paper, which probably wouldn’t mean shit, then having the guts to ask for a small donation, of which I only donate to the nice old lady at Perth, the Salvos Lady. Sorry, Mr. Greenpeace, but you are one of the people inside a select group of people of which I am sceptic and will lose faith in. Go and bait a gullible teenager and her girlfriends into joining your Crack-Team of Fail.  Have a nice day.

    • Elizabeth
    • July 6th, 2010

    Here’s the thing… Of course it sounds like a great idea, having every single person that is out on the street working for Greenpeace, on a ship working for Greenpeace. Why doesn’t this happen? Because without people grass roots organizing and talking to people on the street, Greenpeace would have been dead a while ago and would not be able to take action and save the environment. If you ever decided to look into what work Greenpeace has and is doing, you would see that there has been quite a bit done in terms of whales and the environment. Did you know that Greenpeace is the reason why we got a ban on commercial whaling 24 years ago in the first place. Greenpeace was also effective this last year in making sure that when the IWC (International Whaling Commission) met in Morrocco about two weeks ago, that the ban was not overturned. That’s just how great Greenpeace is for the whales. If you care about breathing, you will be happy to know that Greenpeace has gotten 16 Million Acres of Sanctuary in the Brazilian rainforest, gotten Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and Timberland to stop contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon, and more recently got Nestle to stop contributing to deforestation in all practices. The reason these people that you do not trust are on the street is because Greenpeace is independent, meaning no corporations or governments have any say over them. This means that without PEOPLE like you and me supporting them we would not have an organization that is fighting on the fronts that it is fighting on to help people like you and me. It’s not just about the animals, it’s about us. Take a second to look at the website and really do your research and understand why these people go out to the streets and do this work even though they are rejected by people constantly. Maybe it has something to do with the importance. Take a step in another direction, you might learn a thing or two.

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