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Musing to Hell: SURVIVALISM

My hatred for conformity has been apparent to both my co-workers and my family since that’s something I (excuse me) simply can’t abide by, Continue reading

Back. From. The. Dead

I haven’t written here in ages. I could imagine myself now, digging all this stuff from a buried chest and sweeping off the dust from once new and shiny, unwrinkled tomes of writing I poured bits of myself into at one time, went I knew that I was rushing and naive. In short, I’m coming back here! Bringing this place back to life and removing (and separating) the weeds from dead flowers is going to be a pain. I’ve started planning to go with short stories instead this time, as well as stuff from that other place. So bear with me, for I am stupid, rush-like, naive and risk-taking.

Short Break

Well yeah, you heard me 🙂 I’ll be continuing this month and starting up on Friday, because I have college to deal with here, so bear with me. But in the meantime, read this here.

Mentat Fact #9: Mentats Keep Journals?

A day in the life...

Mentat Fact #8: Mentats Are Suspicious Of Doctors!

Doctor Whoeh!

Mentat Fact #7: Mentats Are To Be… Slightly Emotional?

Poor Piter!

Mentat Fact #6: Plots Within Plots?

Piter and Feyd-Rautha - best pals?