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Supanova: PART I

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After letting go of someone I absolutely cherished, befriended and ultimately hated for obvious reasons, I felt the world change in a dramatic shift; Continue reading


To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others.
Anne-Sophie Swetchine
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A Day Outside: GUYS ON FILM

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  • Costume party at A__’ place: madness driven by randomness, alcohol, food and music ensue, starting with a “traffic raver” and H_____ running down the street after I left, apparently half-naked. I___ loses his sledgehammer that he brought as a prop, only for it to return to him the next two days.
  • Two groups of randoms trying to have a go at me at the train over some idiotic stuff.
  • Met L___ at Perth, again, but minus his other half.
  • Going out to lunch with a Certain Somebody on Thursday.
  • Going with CS again on Friday, despite work the next day.
  • Normal programming will resume shortly.