1) Sleep ins
2) Sunshine
3) Trying new things
4) Chocolate
5) Going slow
6) Lack of noise pollution
7) Iced tea
8) Chocolate cake

  1. 1) Days off Work.
    2) Reading a good book.
    3) An icecream on summer nights.
    4) Someone else doing the cleaning.
    5) Setting the controls on my rocket to “planet x” (wish I had a rocket)
    6) Hot cocoa made from the good cocoa.
    7) Snoozing away the afternoon on my couch.

  2. Top #6 with colourful Mallow Bakes 😛

  3. What’s a Mallow Bake?

  4. *high fives fellow chocoholic* death by chocolate!

  5. Hell yeah!! 😀

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