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Provided by: DalekLord

The animation is colourful, but it can be quite “sharp” and there are times where the characters blink too much. The voice acting done by the original cast in DW is awesome though. The quality of it is probably what even production I.G is capable of.


Over the past few days, I’ve been testing a few MMO’s out there to see which is the most engaging, the sort you could introduce to friends to play around with. Here’s a few: Continue reading

The Oncoming Storm: THE HATELIST

1. The Indian bus driver who obviously does not know his stops when it comes to bus-driving

2. Guys who think burping and farting in front of me is funny (No, it isn’t. Get a brain, guys)

3. Lame-arse phone batteries

4. SmartRider running out as fast as the Doctor’s Regenerations on speed (Or better yet, Ice)

5. Doctor Who Season 3 coming to an end

6. Having Writer’s Block

7. Waiting for my Neon MP3 player to be delivered via courier which was supposed to be here yesterday!!

8. Nostale’s Server Maintenance

Eyecatcher: TABULA RASA

Looks quite interesting for a sci-fi one. For once, we might have something claimed as original. Just hope it isn’t pay to play like the rest of them owned by NCSoft like Lineage, Auto Assault and the like and doesn’t fall into getting boring like Guild Wars.

Zeromancer #1: CLONE YOUR LOVER

Wow, just wow. Alex looks a bit pissed off compared to his Eurotrash incarnation. It just screams; sci-fi, Cyberpunk! Gibson!