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I’m thinking of starting over with this and getting several “projects” I was doing earlier on track, some of these are:

Abstractions: Sci-fi Cyberpunk Noir started last year. I will try to reconstruct the jumbled timeline beforehand.

2nd Life: A story of memory and betrayal that I abandoned because of other pursuits named after an Earth Girl Arjuna song.

Alternate Symphony: Something made in the Symphonyverse to fill the gaps in the timeline. Very confusing.

So wish me luck, that’s all I ask. In the meantime, check out Randomly Relevant


Chapter XXIV: The Thing Which Is Supposedly Said… And Done

The conversation of many a person with one another came to an abrupt stop as a young lady wearing a military-styled longcoat in the color of the bloodbloom and in places the shade of night boarded the subway train on a half-crowded evening on her way to do something productive and to meet a certain aquaintance. Continue reading

Chapter XXIII: For The Sake Of Order ~ La Main Et Les Chasseurs De La Bête

It spreads like a disease from one mind to the next, capable of controlling and living inside a suitable host, capable of inciting all emotions and moods generally regarded as negative… …will be vunerable once host body is destroyed… It was the tattered yet fateful report we all received that seemed like an eternity. There were three of us, with an old friend of mine sent in as a supporting member of the group tasked to eliminate the living plague linked to many of the phenomenas haunting The Circle of the World. Continue reading

Chapter XXII: For The Sake Of Order ~ Bloodied Angel

Everyone has a fragment of me inside them, no matter what they do to stay a saint and do the right thing; after all, I was growing inside them all along, just waiting for the time to be born. I remembered that without me, humans wouldn't survive, but even chaos must end to usher in order. Continue reading

Chapter XXI: Tasogare ~ The First Half Of The Near Buried Past

A milion pictures and written things swirling around, stacks of books creating buildings and foundations of a city lit by a glowing nothingness. Many a voice whispered, screamed and said things in her fragile ears as she aimlessly wandered, looking for something of which she forgot the name along time ago. Continue reading

Chapter XX: “I Am The Hand…”, Part II

"None… business…" She probably meant that it was none of my business in her own way of saying. This child seems to be afflicted in the speech department, I wonder what is a matter? Something darkly colored on her back was showing through her red dress of lace and satin, something awfully familiar in my years as a Chasseur de la Bête. Continue reading

Chapter XIX: Madeleine, Part III

"He gave you something you shouldn't have eaten." I got her to take off her clothes for an examination in case of that sugar-laden thing triggering an allergy. Everything seemed good so far, except that since putting her into the room, her thoughts were definitely adrift. Continue reading