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Governed by logic
ranked by perfection
sorted by intellectbeauty by numbers
make-up by genetics
fashion by sameness
thinking by adverts

living by cities
helplessness by sedation
silence by segregation
prisoned by walls

reproducing by cloning
sexuality by castration
love by emotionlessness
responding by quoting

Death by statistic
rebirth by digital trascendence

This is you
this is your children
this is life
this is your future
this is death
this is the future
this is the metropolis

Mind of Mind

Don’t feed the robots,

because they want you to be them

Don’t feed the robots,

because you want to be like them

Don’t believe the TV,

because they are the robots

Don’t feed the human,

’cause we think he’s stupid

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Woke up today,

the world’s gone grey and away

I don’t feel so good

I feel so down,

I need to go away

Before I start to drown

When everything is the same,

nothing is different anymore

feel so small,

I can’t see through it all

I thought I was different

that is the way it was

as it should be

I’ve become the thing I started to hate.

Become one with them,

the colourful colourless swarm

the faceless fears of me.

Fragment of a Symphony: An Unpleasant Confrontation

Trying to escape from my clutches again are you, my poppet?” the vaguely contemptuous, treble voice and recognizable, burnished face with the flaring eyes replaced that of the dull dean sitting behind his desk with the notepad and pen not in sight. The figure she recognized as Master Skoll with the upright hairstyle and the in-built knuckle dusters that was actually his lengthened attack claws in their shorter and concealed form seated himself comfortably in the Dean’s chair near his desk. He was patiently waiting for Ashtoreth’s attention to swing his way, leaving her to survey the spectacle. She saw what had really happened; The Dean, tiring as he was, was still in the same room and seated in the same seat as before, only moved out of the way. Time had frozen, it was obviously the Lord of Flames’ doing, who appeared where he wanted and when he wanted, out of the blue. A part of the girl wanted to make a run for it, but a part of her mind told her to stay for the sake of obeying a Master, although not her own that she was bound to. She turned to meet the eerily patient Master’s gaze.

No. What is your purpose of being here?” hearing her asking a question whilst leaving out the honorific made him itch on the inside, but not enough to give him the urge to beat her senseless immediately. The poppet should be very lucky this time that I’m not feeling so… temperamental. he thought viciously. Without warning, he instantly appeared behind the bold girl, still seated in the Vassar chair, making a perfect impression of a seated porcelain doll in front of him.

So, he decided to send you here, did he?” the heat radiating from the Lord of Flames made her feel very uncomfortable as he came closer to her and gently rested his hands on her shoulders from behind, making her shrink away further into the leather chair she sat in. She mediated against not telling him the answer to avoid being punished or interrogated in front of a bewildered teacher if the frozen moment in time around them both became unglued. Any more of this already unbearable heat and I will vaporize into nothing!

Yes, he has made the final decision to send me here into this unhinged University without telling me why I was sent here before he had left me.” Ashtoreth responded as he thought she would as Master Skoll leaned over her right shoulder a little and talked low into her ear.

Really? It sounds as if he has already forsaken you, little one.” he said mockingly and smiled inwardly at the university neophyte’s dilemma, knowing what would happen if her first Master died or went missing. All he is spouting is nothing but empty lies! Ashtoreth shoved her anger

for his ways far away and grudgingly tranquillized herself in his presence, letting the heat originating from the Master leaning forward behind the chair seep within her, despite being well-informed about staying near him for far too long. Poor thing, first she is Bound to him and then abandoned in an obscure university. What to do… already, the thought of helping her in more than one way emerged to him in his mind, many of the dark plans involved a forced Bonding and a takeover; easy in theory, but quite difficult in practice. the incandescence sweeping her started to play havoc with her alertness, prompting her to gradually fall asleep. She struggled to slip out of his grip; the more she exerted herself, the more useless it became to fight against it. He looked knowingly at the quiet girl who was progressively translating into steam as their opposing elements noiselessly fought for dominance over one another, causing the room to fill up with mist. Master Skoll turned back to her, looking her in the eye that constantly burned and cast a crimson hue into the dim, misty room, not bothering to record her responses and actions in the somewhat broken conversation they were having with each other.

Unfortunately, little one, I don’t have the answer to your question that you seek, I just came here to see that this place doesn’t give you nightmares and I don’t have to resort to tucking you in during your bedtime.” She absolutely hated being treated like a child by the Lord of the Conflagration. The usually sarcastic and ill tempered Master noted the tight curling of her hands into fists, still resting on the arms of the chair. The Verona clock housed in the room kept on ticking away due to the logical fact that contained time cannot be frozen, even by Masters who understood the art of manipulating the very hours, minutes and seconds surrounding them. He studied the clock briefly and released his hold on the seated young lady. Ashtoreth expected him to leave immediately, only to find her eyes trailing to see one fiery eye meet her own glacial eyes with a look of mild petulance.

The next time you speak to me, poppet, I expect you to have some respect. If not, it’s back to the The Room for you.” she nodded to him and ignored the empty threat; he wouldn’t dare drag her to that horrid place right here and now.

Of course.” repeating the same mistake as before and making him twitch was too easy for a person such as her to do. she watched with a straight face as his face closed up on her.

I beg your pardon?”he hissed. She could feel the warmness returning as his temper started to climb. Ashtoreth stared him back in return and breathed deeply to take her mind off the agitation.

Yes, Master.” she intoned solemnly, agreeing to both his wishes and her Master’s own before aggravating him any further and to avoid a statement being received from one Master to another for her disrespect. She is starting to get it right finally… about bloody time! Master Skoll smiled at the thought of her being obedient towards him for once in her life.

Good.” and with that last word in their wordy exchange, he disappeared in a lighting of a violent flame and blinked out of the room, leaving time to start its mysterious flow anew.

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The mind has reached it’s shallow point,
with its many doubts and ruminations,
of things that be, of things that come.
It is here, glowing; the tiny spark of despair,
never noticed until now,
the darkness so profound and thick,
no lantern could navigate and maneuver.
No hope, no matter big or small lift this,
for it seems too late to turn back.

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Society’s Spawn

Ugliness society
nature dies
concrete rises in its place
road noise
angry shouts.

Technology over the hands
silicon over the heart
pricey plastic over what really matters.

Live life rich
die before your poor
born real slow
die real fast.

Walking through the junk jungle
glitz and glam above
ugliness beneath
seeing plastic birds obscure the vision.

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The Fall

Again, this pictures belongs to George Lucas and Lucasfilms, not me
Dark and darkness fall,
red, red fall.
like the blazing trees and leaves.

Sweet, sweet fall,
bloody ruby landscapes,
terror screaming wind,
full of pleas.

Fall has come,
darkness consumes,
summer is fading,
light is gone.

Fear in place of happiness remain,
blackened bark of the flaming trees,
turns to ashes and decorates hopelessly,
in the cry filled wind,
now still.

Pools of red nourish the ruby leaf scattering trees,
in the eerie quiet.

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