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Mind of Mind

Don’t feed the robots,

because they want you to be them

Don’t feed the robots,

because you want to be like them

Don’t believe the TV,

because they are the robots

Don’t feed the human,

’cause we think he’s stupid

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Friday Maladjustation: DANCING COAT

I know, I know. I haven’t been around here for quite sometime thanks to my projects and the flu that I caught two, three weeks ago which was a real bitch to get off. Last night we all went to various clubs, including The Deen. I wore my PVC coat that I lay-byed ages ago thanks to Red Stripe and wore it to the venue, aware that I would get looks, stares and the occasional “Nice coat!” “Are you Neo or Trinity?” etc from the general, boring and idiotic populace that inhabit that very same world I live in. I also found out that the top floor played R n B and all that rubbish whilst downstairs played kick-arse techno and dance rivaling Rise Club, which I danced to, properly!I didn’t look like quite the dick because the upstairs people had some sort of costume night on. After all the chaos, we stopped to the local asian store and brought consumables like Pocky, preserved mango, snickers and fortune cookies.

Questions: FERNS?

Sigmund Freud had a morbid fear of ferns – From OddSpots Continue reading

Songlyrics: Chameleon

On I walk on my own

shedding this thing called skin and scales

and path of color behind me,

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