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Return of Belief: WEIβ FLUGEL

Oddly enough, this song is the most “lightest” sounding song I’ve ever heard from Team Fairithm, not to mention the cover for the single itself as well.


I know the single was out ages ago, but I couldn’t help but plant this up just for completion’s sake. Comes with Ara Gawa as a B-side.

Black Coffin of Wisdom: SCHWARZER SARG

Yousei Teikoku with their newly released single and PV Schwarzer Sarg, bundled with the B-side Wisdom. Another single by the name of Hades: The Bloody Rage has been released also.

You’ve Been Random Again: MOVIES

Don’t ask.


A nice and amusing AMV that a certain gangster showed me on a Friday night. Awesome.

Shigofumi: コトダマ, KOTODAMA

The newly released single by ALI PROJECT made for the opening theme of Shigofumi. It also comes with the song called Koibumi (Love Letter).

The Weird Season: ‘MELO

Being hot and slimy has prohibited me from posting the norm, but since I refuse to leave it to nothing, I’ll leave a post with a music video of ALI PROJECT’s Yuukyou Seishunka and the corresponding live version from Animelo after it.

Don’t worry, after this weirdness and an outing, I’ll get to you later.