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The R Mutt Follower: ENVIRO

Sim Jae-Duck was born in a restroom and now he plans to live and die in one — a US$1.6 million ($1.8 million) toilet-shaped house designed to promote his tireless campaign for cleaner loos worldwide.

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I’ve gone to many sites and forums, picking up these interesting tidbits, questions and whatnot. Continue reading


This is the most heated thing at the moment regarding the whole 35W Bridge incident that happened in America, killing a lot of people. Apparently some crazy Continue reading

On the Road Again, Eh?

I haven’t written for a while, I know. But then again procrastination can do that to quite a number of people. Continue reading

Technological Woes: FACTOID

What makes this service so interesting is that it grew out of the fact that Australia’s broadband — to put it nicely — is still very quaint. – Sneakernet Redux on Continue reading


Despite earlier reports that under jail policy she would have to lose her blonde hair extensions, prison officials have allowed her to keep them in because they are “tightly wound.” According to TMZ, she has already made friends with staff at the big house, who say she is “polite and gracious”, and a “model citizen”. – from NineMSN

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In response to widespread talk on blogs and forums, Microsoft has acknowledged the presence of hacks that may allow pirates to bypass the product activation security feature in its Windows Vista operating system.

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