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Woke up today,

the world’s gone grey and away

I don’t feel so good

I feel so down,

I need to go away

Before I start to drown

When everything is the same,

nothing is different anymore

feel so small,

I can’t see through it all

I thought I was different

that is the way it was

as it should be

I’ve become the thing I started to hate.

Become one with them,

the colourful colourless swarm

the faceless fears of me.

Episode II: Krankhaus/Vena Cava

Now this was getting ugly with a capital U; that weird girl is in some sort of coma, those other guys haven’t stopped their bickering, Old Manty thinks I’m useless, Ed is acting strange just standing there, frozen. I dont know whether it was the hidden drugs he took when we were cruising around or a re-enactment of what happened the other night that he wouldn’t tell us about. To make it worse, Virgil isn’t here too! Everybody else had decided to crowd around the girl to see how she collapsed. Continue reading