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Adventures In: BEER

The Japanese are known for taking an unconventional spin on everything. Including this:

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The R Mutt Follower: ENVIRO

Sim Jae-Duck was born in a restroom and now he plans to live and die in one — a US$1.6 million ($1.8 million) toilet-shaped house designed to promote his tireless campaign for cleaner loos worldwide.

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There’s always a chance that there is a few people wanting to be a drama queen or king to get my attention (maybe because I attract odd ones like myself) and so I decided to like them on the offensive and wondering since because of a “friend’s”  (supposed) dual nationality and asked up-front with no shame whatsoever: Continue reading

The Cost of Freedom: IMPACTION

These defamation blogs contained slanders to some of my client’s friends as well. They also applied support with their official ID cards and a representative directed them to write to the legal department. So they did but again no response from legal.

So we have become obliged to apply to Turkish judicial courts to stop this defamation executed through your services. By the decision of Fatih 2nd Civil Court of First Instance, number 2007/195, access to has been blocked in Turkey. – from Why We’re Blocked In Turkey

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The Honest Opinion: BRANDNAME

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Little Thoughts: HYPERPOWER

The way we distinguish ourselves is by showing our individuality.
Elisa Camahort, We Got Naked, Now What, SXSW 2006
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I’ve gone to many sites and forums, picking up these interesting tidbits, questions and whatnot. Continue reading