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The Family Institution: FOOD FIGHT

I can’t think of anything to write about except families. They are a metaphor for every other part of society.
Anna Quindlen
(1953 – )

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Musing to Hell: SURVIVALISM

My hatred for conformity has been apparent to both my co-workers and my family since that’s something I (excuse me) simply can’t abide by, Continue reading


After letting go of someone I absolutely cherished, befriended and ultimately hated for obvious reasons, I felt the world change in a dramatic shift; Continue reading

Mindless Fun Indulgence: SHUT ME UP

The Gathering of Ages: THE EYE

Well, it’s been a while since I heard from Matt’s brother, Mike since he moved from W.A to the Eastern States (which to my mistake wasn’t Sydney, but Brisbane) during Easter last year, leaving the three of us (of the original school posse) angry and stunned, his folks included. Continue reading

The Dandy Goes to College: IMPRESSIONS

It’s been a while since I wrote anything of substantial value here since I had to deal with Windows XP failing me and coming back to linux (well, Ubuntu to be precise) only to fix a sound problem and dealing with college and work and those little things in life that get in my way. It’s been four weeks since my start in college and here are my impressions of the lecturers as follows.

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Last week as follows:

  • Modelling for my drawing class because of my boots: Many people complained of the excessive details giving them headaches.
  • Shopping for hats and clothes.
  • Getting lost with C______ “Tom Baker” V__ D__ B_____, A__ and D____ in Perth.
  • Talking to the same Nameless Goth Chick with the Guy Called Luca… twice!
  • Pirate-tines Day at Perth and at the Lucky Shag Bar! The Lectures went as follows:

Lecturer: Why are there so many pirates?

Us: Arrrgh!

  • Showing up the day after as The Mad Scientist’s Escaped Lunatic Experiment, shedding much of my Dandy aspects for a day.
  • Getting tied by P_____ and photos taken after!
  • Everyone checking out my goggles and boots with lots of black, metal bits and zips.
  • Touching the Spike on my goggles and people getting poked.
  • People asking me if there was “any free locks”.
  • Tom Baker’s constant craving for a certain corn snack originally from Sydney and Whoop-Whoop. I took the opportunity to make many an amusing joke about TB and liking corn… Corn Porn that is! The conversation went as follows:

C______ “Tom Baker” V__ D__: I want some corn…

D____: I’m starving! Wanna go to Maccas?

Me: He wants some corn alright!: “Show us your cobs!” “Now that’s some nice kernels…” ]

(Cue in the laughs as everyone else around us stare)

  • Hanging around in Borders and eating sushi like a starving man.
  • Generally goofing around.
  • People trying to convince me to “tie them up”.
  • Planning the next Thursday Event: Camo Day?