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Episode I: Mezzanine/Teardrop

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Episode I: Mezzanine/Inertia Creeps

Exquisite torture machine of my darkest desires…

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Episode I: Mezzanine/Group Four

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Episode I: Mezzanine/Black Milk/Fragmented II

On board the Zarathustra

He’s not telling me anything, damn it. Why are humans so anal sometimes? Mantissa tells me it’s because they can’t help being that way when something bothers them, they’d rather keep it all inside rather than let off some steam. All I know is that it turns humans into emotionally charged energy bombs.

“Did he say anything more regarding this woman and the bird-man to you, Manty?” The Zarathustra was travelling at a casual speed towards a place far away from the North.

“No, not a thing.” Ed was still in his room, doing Maker-knows-what with the drug cache we discovered last week under his bed, in the cupboard, in the bathroom cupboard adjacent and possibly (although we haven’t checked) the suitcase that he lugged on board too.

* * * * * *

Mutated area zone outside the Empire

“He was looking at me. He is too curious for his own good, a lesson must be taught to-”

“No, that would be quite foolhardy. He probably recognized something from looking.” It was raining, but the skies are still bruised from the changes that are taking place in this world of sweet woe and exhilarating terror.

“Maybe he knew Her.” The Master made a face bordering on sadness and anger by a mere tad. Ignoring my questions are difficult for him, but I am not like a child. I wonder how he feels about the rain. A ship is coming this way called the Zarathustra… I wonder who is on-board that behemoth floating in the skies? Everyone else has gone away, but I feel their signatures here… strange. The shield is getting stronger.

“That is a big maybe to a big no… but there is a possibility. Your power is growing, coinciding with the shield’s increase.” He rarely shows his contempt for this stagnant world. The world here is full of errors, human or otherwise. We will fix them soon enough.

“Do you feel your power growing too?”

“Yes, Master.” The feeling is like the rising tide of the sea, rendered below lukewarm, but not freezing cold. Strange.

“Power is gathering, the people are too, the world needs change to correct itself… it needs us.” I said

“Ye-es, of course…” He finished.

* * * * * *

Outside the World, The Inner World of No Flesh

Ah, so everything is coming to order and getting itself to move. Good. Even my poor Nemo is getting along with all these “wrong-nesses” of the world to fix it, no matter how subconsciously… Very good.

“I’ll be waiting for you here too…”

Episode I: Mezzanine/Black Milk/Fragmented I

“What’s a matter?”

“Is something wrong?” Both Mantissa and myself poked into the quarters of Ed onboard the Zarathustra which was quite smelly and degenerated into a hovel overnight, with his bedsheets, normally unwrinkled, soaked with sweat. Panic sweat, fear sweat, the really noticeable smelling kind.

“No, no, it’s really nothing, really, really.” No. Something was wrong, I guess that Ed or Piter, whoever his name is dislikes admitting to things easily. Something is always wrong with the world these days, the skies look omnious and unhealthy, people are reporting to have seen nightmares of destruction and there have been sightings of a machine with a bird’s head for a face and woman holding chains, speaking in a monotone. I keep on telling people that when it comes to saving the world, we’re not made for it. For a bunch of omens, this isn’t good. Not good at all.