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Whirlwind Weeks: M.I.A

I’ve gone M.I.A according to Daddy Dan, but I’m back after sorting out things such as apprenticeships and outings of my own creation. It feels srange to be home all of a sudden. Like moving from an old house to a new house all over again. I’ve been to a friend’s 21st and it was quite awesome, until he decided to do a speech of monolithic proportions that went from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM and when we left for a while for some air, it was still going! Next time, I’ll have to tell everybody of my whereabouts or something.

  • Been partying
  • Involved in rallies
  • Traveling around Perth
  • Around the Freo area

That’s about it. I’ll get into detail later.

In the Kitchen: REHASH

I decided to go simple in the kitchen because of two reasons; Continue reading