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Robin #8: AIMO

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Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy: ROTERSAND

From the album, Welcome to Goodbye.

Give me your faith, something i can believe in
and you’ll be my family, my brother, my friend
tell me a truth that i find not deceiving
teach me a lesson that i understand

Build me a shelter, a place I can dwell in
show me a future that I can enjoy
give me a reason and I’ll be your fellow
show me the target I have to destroy

Exterminate, annihilate, destroy!

Show me my leader and I’ll pledge obedience
whisper the name of the enemy mine
blessed be my fate and my tools of expedience
I’m going to fulfil what’s my mission divine

Exterminate, annihilate, destroy!

Varekai Circus: RAIN ONE

As oceans collide
from the moon
‘cross the sun
I’m wasting my breath
As we lay for a while

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Robin #7: POEM

This one’s for you, Mai.

Poem, by Yoko Kanno and Gabriela Robin, Ragnarok 2 Online O.S.T.

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Well, I’ve transcribed a song that for once doesn’t “belong” to Gabriela Robin, but I’m assuming it’s JILLMAX as the vocalists. The song on O.S.T. 4 starts at around about 35:29 Continue reading


Had to know sent here
a war that’s been ticked too far
had to know, who are you
its me, the rule that stuck out
the plane, one that is far… Continue reading


Replica by Ilaria Graziano (with lyrics written by Gabriela Robin)

Stalling quiet down my silence
searching that we’ve done?

Stalling quiet down my silence
searching that we’ve done…

Stalling quiet down my silence
Searching for calm…
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