The Blimp, The Tyrant and Me: DUAL SIDED

Yesterday, I was doing my work as usual and as planned from the unholy timeslots of 11 in the morning til 8 at night and no much people are there and they don’t need me at the front and the other people can actually handle what they are doing, except for someone I shall call Miss Blonde Blimp who was currently floating around and chatting and doing jack shit and blocking my way with nothing but her sheer mass. By the time I was out, I went around cleaning the customer areas, notably starting with the smaller of the two because of the smallness of the place and how dirty it was, since during earlier in the day, there was a party on. Miss “I am in a Uni course” Tyrant however, was doing jack as well in front of the computer in her office instead of helping at the front, probably trying to figure out the word processor, playing some modern variant of pacman or wondering why the printer isn’t printing like it should be (uhh, maybe it wasn’t on in the first place, bitch). Next thing I know before I got back from cleaning the Small Room of Mass Uncleanliness that no-one cares about, I ended up getting a written warning! I thought to myself, wait a sec, she didn’t allow me to explain and do you know how shitty the other place looks? I was only doing one half of my job, the other which I always finish! and she said that I’ll have to sign it (which I was quite tempted to use my other name, but did not because I knew He probably would start bitching anyway). But wait, even if this isn’t a Court thing, shouldn’t I have a chance to at least speak out my reasons? Even That Nice Lady wouldn’t give me such nasty treatment, but she wasn’t here to save me this time. Well, most of the workers asked me about the warning whether it was true, which I nodded in answer. Well, something will happen to her thanks to something I’ll call karma. It’s not going to be pleasant mind you.

  1. June 28th, 2007

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