Over the past few days, I’ve been testing a few MMO’s out there to see which is the most engaging, the sort you could introduce to friends to play around with. Here’s a few:

1) NosTale (Site): This gam’s graphics is comical in terms of how it’s done, but this game is strictly for beginners only.

2) Aeria Games (Site): The graphics for their games need improvement and also a help section or a help guild for new people because there is no help at all.

3) Fury (Site): The graphics are okay for this one, but still, just bashing people’s brains out with clubs and why reinvent the wheel for hell’s sakes?

  1. I just went back to WOW. Help me – I still don’t know why. Still. Gives my girlfriend something new to laugh at me about, right? No MMO has really grabbed me by the throat, yet. I’m looking for one which lets me play a true rogue. Then I’ll be happy. And sneaky and stabby, too!

  2. Wouldn’t that encourage bad behavior in the Real World?

  3. Of course. But, on the other hand it promotes positive survival management techniques.

  4. Survival? I think that’s a bit… far.

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