The Oncoming Storm: THE HATELIST

1. The Indian bus driver who obviously does not know his stops when it comes to bus-driving

2. Guys who think burping and farting in front of me is funny (No, it isn’t. Get a brain, guys)

3. Lame-arse phone batteries

4. SmartRider running out as fast as the Doctor’s Regenerations on speed (Or better yet, Ice)

5. Doctor Who Season 3 coming to an end

6. Having Writer’s Block

7. Waiting for my Neon MP3 player to be delivered via courier which was supposed to be here yesterday!!

8. Nostale’s Server Maintenance

    • K
    • September 18th, 2007

    I also got that #6. My mind easily disappear from what’s happening around me, can’t help it but when I feel that way, I play emo music.

  1. Doctor Who at an end – YAY! Because I don’t watch it on tv. I wait for the collected dvds. Yay! Means at last I can watch it. Just hope Season Four hurries along just as nicely…

    I don’t use Smartriders. I’m not smart.

  2. The second last episode of DW was the saddest! It’s like watching NGE all over again!

  3. Not good to hear. Just recently converted my girlfriend into a Doc fan. Even bought ‘The Robot’ with my favourite, Tom Baker in it. Love that guy. “Would you like a jelly baby?”


    Total Class.

  4. Tom and Colin Baker (not related, even!) rocks!

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