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Return of Belief: WEIβ FLUGEL

Oddly enough, this song is the most “lightest” sounding song I’ve ever heard from Team Fairithm, not to mention the cover for the single itself as well.

Black Coffin of Wisdom: SCHWARZER SARG

Yousei Teikoku with their newly released single and PV Schwarzer Sarg, bundled with the B-side Wisdom. Another single by the name of Hades: The Bloody Rage has been released also.

Dark Metanoia: WAHRHEIT

Since I’m a bit sluggish this fine morning and wanting to go into town to claim my PSP, I’ll leave you people with this instead, from their new album, Metanoia:

Rockin’ Live: IRA

At least she sings better in this one compared to the less-than-great performances she did in the live versions of Kokou no Sousei and Shijun no Zankoku. Maybe Yui Itsuki was nervous being surrounded by all those male fans of hers, poor girl.


Not exactly a “video” per se, but a full music clip of the song Gothic Lolita Propaganda from the self-titled album of Gothic Lolita Propaganda, better known simply as G.P.L. My “review” of them (consisting of Fairy Yui & Takaha Tachibana) can be read here.

Darkness + Cuteness Overdose: YOUSEI TEIKOKU

There’s only these things that I could really say about YT as I continue to listen to their musical tracks:

1) They are not like AliPro at all

2) This is what you get when AliPro and Schwarz Stein (formely Rudolf Steiner and Another Cell) had a baby partially raised by Kukui (formerly Refio + Shimotsuki Haruka)

3) Fairy Yui’s voice is hell squeaky!! Just like SiLC’s!