A New Start: RE-SET

Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix.
Christina Baldwin

This week was probably the most laid-back I’d ever had. I caught up with a friend of mine last Friday, at the White Dwarf bookstore in the Carillion, J___, along with P____ and T__, the pointy-haired overseer of said store and how P____’s friend was making a big deal because her friend was bitching about her not being on facebook or Twitter (I forgot which application it was). It puzzles me how people like myself are amused to watching bitch-rants like these about an application used as just another communications medium not meant to replace human contact. On the plus side, I got a book called Perdidio Street Station written by China Mieville, which reminds me of Shadowrun, only more grown up and gritty, on par with William Gibson’s Sprawl works, along with J___, who offered to see Ice Age 3 with me, which was quite delightful. I was watching the trailers before the actual movie started until J___ asked me if the ‘relationship’ could go any further. I answered thusly that I wanted to go slow, since I learned the hard way that going quick isn’t very brilliant (twice!). Fortunately, J___ was of the same mind, which allayed my fears. Knowing that your given a new start in everything is something of a frightening blessing, methinks.

  1. i have china mieville’s ‘un lun dun’ in my pile of books i plan to get at the bookshop. have you read that? i heard it’s good. i can’t believe china is a guy!

    so you are in a slow relationship with j now?

  2. I think Un Lun Dun is the most recent work by Mieville, and one not set in the Bas-Lag universe. The title derives from ‘Un-London’ 🙂 Relationship-wise, we’re still just friends since we are both taking it slow.

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