The Reasons Why: NEGLECT

This man who wrote this is an uncaring, jerkface tool. Reasons why:

Just so you understand, I say “second favourite” only because I don’t love Julian as much as I love Ben.  And I say “son” because he’s not a daughter, which is what I really, really wanted.

Hey! At least you’re not infertile, so be grateful for what fruits your wife bore for you, okay? Who cares if the son is not the daughter you wanted?

Badly.  And I say “my” because I stubbornly choose to believe I helped produce him, despite the fact that he’s almost a year and a half old and resembles me about as much as a slice of cheesecake resembles Jeff Goldblum.

Maybe he resembles his mother for a change and your “favourite” will be like you as he gets older; ugly, fat and balding and too damn picky!

He’s younger, his personality isn’t as well formed, we haven’t spent nearly as much time together.  Plus, his head looks like a lightbulb.  To be fair, it’s not like the day Ben was born I loved him as much as I do now; I mean, I’m not crazy, or his mom.  Point being, if I’m throwing a party, Ben gets an invite before Julian.

Not well formed? Excuse me, sir, but isn’t he a baby? Babies’ personalities will develop as time goes on, you’re just impatient.

But back to how Julian’s the wrong sex and probably not mine:  See, whenever I thought about having children, I imagined a boy and a girl; it just seemed normal to me.

Life and reality isn’t normal, my friend.

So I’ve obsessed over this long enough to know that my desire for a baby girl probably goes back to me feeling a tad screwed-over by my older sister while I was growing up.

That sounds… creepy to me. Back away now.

Yet, oddly, over time, I’ve grown accustomed to Julian’s face.  Sometime last year I said, “Hey, handsome,” and then he and I both did a double take when we realized I wasn’t being sarcastic.

He’s learning the meaning of the word “patience”! Let’s give him a hand!

So, the upshot is, I have two boys.

So, what? At least you have kids! Get. Over. It!

Okay. Short-rant over.

  1. Reading the first five segments, it is clear that his attitude toward Julian is despicable. But in the last two, his attitude seems to change–he seems to have come to accept, perhaps even love Julian. I just don’t know.

  2. I was thinking about unconditional love and reading this about some poor kid got me in a rage, seeing that not loving a kid because of a defect is quite shallow. It takes a special kind of person to have children and love them; this guy isn’t one of them.

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