Being friendless taught me how to be a friend. Funny how that works.
Colleen Wainwright, Communicatrix, 11-09-07

Strange how being away from one group of friends brings me closer to another. I ended up declining from going to N___’s cocktail party because of catching something and being nice enough to not let this bug get to my friends by simply avoiding going to the party. A few days later, I was wandering in Perth and I come across T____ and his friend, R____ in the White Dwarf book store, surprised that the both of them can tolerate each other’s presence. Last time I heard, they were the worst of enemies. Then I got to the whole story: it was her boyfriend’s fault. Surprise. She is pretty much a changed girl, despite knowing only about her by word of mouth. I feel quite fuzzy-wuzzy now that these people still remember me after all these months, which I am grateful for.

  1. I love the quote at the top–so true!

    But I don’t know how to define “friend”. An example: I was recently without a car for ten days, so I missed two of my singles’ groups Friday dinners. I shouldn’t have had to. Someone in the group could have easily picked me up on the way to either of the restaurants, but no one did. I even politely explained my situation to a few of them, but still they wouldn’t take me. And I’ve been a member of this group for well-over a year. So these people, whom I considered “friends”, I now realize are just acquaintances.

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