Manipulations: EASTER EGG ROLL

I originally saw this here, marvelling at how the people of the White House could creepily manipulate the free will and minds of children with the promises of being outside with nature and having free chocolate, despite Easter having:

  1. Pagan origins
  2. A reputation of being attacked by the conservatives in the country
  3. A bad rap with those on a diet
  4. Same with those with “heavier” children with hyperactivity disorder
  5. And putting America’s battle with the bulge out the window

If they were less human and desperate, I could see them using this tactic with small changes, to make for an unstoppable child-army to take over the world with, couldn’t you?

  1. Yes millions of chocolate hungry kids waving wooden spoons! LOL!!

  2. Using the spoons as weapons you mean? 😛 This’ll make Willy Wonka cry, even if he’s English.

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