A Decision Made: THE BIG FREEZE

After putting up with everybody and their messes and not really being able to do my own business when it comes to my problems, I shocked the whole household by telling the majority with a pair of elephant ears that I wanted to move out once I got the overdue present or at least find a place to be. I don’t get families sometimes. They say they still want you to stay here and you help them because they’re nice and then we you say you’re not going stay any longer because it’s time to move, they just shit themselves because they realize that an essential cog of the family wants to squeeze itself out of the machine and become free as a butterfly in order to live and be happy because he realizes how downright toxic a dysfunctional family can be at times. All I can do now is struggle with rules because rules get the middle finger from me. We’ll see how this’ll go… Not that I’m enjoying this.

  1. so are you moving out soon? are you happy doing that? as long as you’re happy, then good! 🙂

  2. Soon, I hope 🙂 Maybe at the middle of this year or so. I’m happy, but parents being parents, they think you’re just a person with no plan. So saving up it is then 🙂

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