The Return of the Wheel: SEASONS’ END

I’m not dead. I know I’ve said it once. A lot has happened over the past couple of months concerning my life; I have suffered many breakdowns, breakup, went missing for two days, applied and got a new job at a local ice-cream place, renewed my Learner’s Permit, became  Wiccan and I’m also going for an interview to do with my Hospitality Passport. I also turned twenty this November;  no longer a helpless child, but a realistic adult with his own responsibilities and worries still going through a cycle of constant rebirth that never pauses, like the tides of the ocean, bidding the Peter-Pan-like fantasy of never wanting to grow up goodbye. Karma has a strange way of telling me to get my shit together, to be very honest and the universe as well, for a lack of a better way to put it. I’ve gotten few gifts for my birthday, but still bearing the saying of “Less is more” in the mind;  the complete box-set of Doctor Who: Davros (with the audio adventures included as a part of the complete set), a new pair of shoes by Demonia from Red Stripe, a $500 custom tattoo design by Tegan Coddington, A.K.A Glitter Sniffer  and a bottle of shiraz port from M___ and R___. Apparently I am getting my Christmas present, but not ’til after Christmas. So, how’s life for everyone?

  1. omg, you’re 20? i always thought you’re older than me. 😕 sounds like you received some great birthday presents.

  2. Yeah, pretty good presents. People say I look younger than my actual age; they don’t believe me until I pull out some ID 🙂 It gets annoying sometimes.

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