In the Kitchen: REHASH

I decided to go simple in the kitchen because of two reasons; hunger pangs and mashed potato cravings, which is strange because of the changing weather here in Oz, which is going from wintry to summery. Anyway, I’m all set with the boiling pot of water with the salt, peeled and quartered potatoes and the butter and the seasonings of my choice. I got to work by draining the potatoes and whacking them into a mixing bowl with the salt, pepper, seasonings and the butter and getting to work straightaway with the masher with the milk, added with haste. The result (to my horror) was very watery mashed potato. You know, the one that should be re-labeled as prison food. It was that bad that I ended up giving it to the chicken in the backyard. Anyway, two days after, I decided to try again properly and also learned a few tricks of my own.

  • After boiling the potatoes, quickly whack them back into the pot on low heat with no water; it removes excess moisture.
  • Mix the mash with the following if you’re feeling adventurous: Dijon mustard, Cayenne pepper and white pepper.
  • Serve with a bit of gravy.
  • Salt after mashing is handy. Especially sea salt.
  1. I am not big on mustard on my mashed potatoes. But there are many ways to vary their taste. Crackling gravy is the best addition. Still options like real bacon bits, dried tomatoes, pungent cheeses, basil, garlic powder etc. can all add extra flavor. Potatoes are very versatile.

    Got runny mashed potatoes? Keep a small box of instant potato flakes in an air tight container. Sprinkle in until they are as thick as you like them. A few spoons of instant potato flakes also makes a great thickener for soups and stews. I find they make a great kitchen tool when cooking with liquids.

  2. i love mash potatoes. and your recipe with lots of pepper sounds like something i’d love! malaysian tastebuds always lean toward the spicy side, eh? 😉

    thescoundrel: i think i should have dinner at your house one day. 😀

  3. I know! People say I’m crazy! 😀

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