World at My Feet: CRUISE THE CROWD

The sun is shining at last, claiming it’s rightful throne from the bi-polar ice queen called Winter as it warms my dark and baggy jeans-clad legs and my Ultraviolence T-shirt with a pin-striped jacket covered back as I walk between the footpath and the many mowed lawns of a street to get down to the local traino, savoring the combined smell of a sunny day and mowed lawns, freshly cut by something branded with Victa or Stihl, pushed around by clothed apes called blokes with the curse of next-to-none in fashion sense. Next, was the traino itself which on the inside, resembled the bones of an overgrown, dead whale (NOTE: If I could make it into a landmark, the Japanese will be camping out like Star Wars fans to a movie premier for days on end.), which has a while to complete anyway. Tagging on to the SmartRider, I sit down, minding my own beeswax and two ladies (one with a bicycle, one with bright red hair sliding at the magenta color scale) were going at each other because the one with the hair didn’t have any change, so I decided to give her forty-cents out of the blue, feeling that she would need the small change more than I would, since I got my pay the previous day. I felt like a balloon about to take to the skies. I didn’t have a word for this, but now I do: generousity. Guess small gestures do count in this country of rowdy hoons, people with no fashion sense and generally bad habits.

  1. how did she react when you gave her the forty cents? i got 1 cent from a lady queueing behind me and i was so surprised and grateful! i was hollering at my friend who was at the table a few metres away for that one cent, and she gave it to me. i know, i’m cheap, haha. i don’t do this every time, i promise!

  2. She was quite surprised, since was hoping that her friend would have some small change somewhere.

  1. August 28th, 2008

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