So far, so good. My friend I_____ has returned from his brief job-related sojourn in Kargoolie and is now saying that he is the odd one out apart from C______ since they both haven’t seen The Dark Knight on the silver screen. On a sour note, I’ve found out that my IPhone knock-off has stopped functioning as a mass storage USB device, preventing me from uploading something rather amusing and fitting, not to mention several pictures from Supanova, which I’ve attended along with S__ and his girlfriend L____. I’ve tried prying the cover off the thing to reset the T-Flash, but so far, no luck, with the backing being quite impenetrable. It makes me wonder how the customers and faithful fans of the actual Real McCoy are dealing with their problems with the thing.

  1. Ого! Нормально.

  2. So, there is a way to pry the backing, is there?

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