Musing to Hell: SURVIVALISM

My hatred for conformity has been apparent to both my co-workers and my family since that’s something I (excuse me) simply can’t abide by, since it makes my life a little more difficult than it should be. I was quite spellbound upon reading this article at Sprinting to Hell about the subject of humanity and it’s leanings toward conformity.

What good thing could come from having a human species consisting of 90% sheep and 10% sheep dogs?

Let’s see… Copycats and rebellion, last time I checked and people who really should open their eyes in ways of discrimination. I find that dressing up differently compared to everyone else does this.

Well what if this conformist to individualist ratio we find in humans is part of a greater purpose? What if it is a subconscious self protection mechanism that has been instilled in mankind to benefit our species as a whole, a form of swarm intelligence that allows our species to survive?

If it were the days of the cavemen or colonizing, I would say it’s a great survival mechanism, but those days are over; what we’re seeing are remnants of it. The positive side is that it promotes the illusion of order because Man can’t cope very well when he is alone in the chaos and everything happens to fall down on his head like a ton of bricks and not much people are Discordians anyway 😛 But, on the negative it promotes something that says, “I can’t think for myself because of the lack of independence.” I’ve yet to see a nation or a group of people embracing a freethinker’s way of life.

  1. I seriously doubt you ever will see a nation or group of true free thinkers. Like yourself, I feel a strong aversion to conformity. It just pisses me off when people seem to go out of their way to let other people think for them. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about mankind’s natural instinct to be led. At this point you can either find a way to live with it, or attempt to use it to gain influence and benefit your self.

    And on a positive note, don’t count out the days of colonization just yet. Commercial space flight is in it’s infancy, but I think has much more potential than government controlled research ever could. And they’ve found a fungus growing inside the reactor at Chernobyl that feeds off of radiation. Who knows, that could lead to atmosphere farming on other planets. (or radioactive slime monsters somewhere between Godzilla and the blob) And it’s still fully possible that Asia will wipe themselves off the map with the bird flu or some bad take out and we’ll have to recolonize the entire continent. 😉

  2. Space flight? Damn, I missed that one, glad someone caught it 😀 Recolonizing Asia? Hmmm… I don’t know, every super power in the world will fight themselves stupid first with something nuclear before that’ll ever happen.

  3. Yeah man, they have companies working on private flights to space now. I heard Richard Branson is getting in on that as well. And I know I read that one company is working on becoming a private contractor to ship cargo for NASA at a fraction of the cost they spend themselves, or at least a little less.

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