These couple of months after that of May, I started to realize how much these months revolved around the “death of something”, whether it was something like a relationship, someone well known that I never knew in person or even my cat, T_____, who passed recently today (he had to be put to sleep during the afternoon at the vet’s and cremated, poor thing). When I think about the word “death” or “dying”, I think of if as the most cruelest of words within the English dictionary, even the words themselves feel like stabs everytime I hear someone say it. When it comes to things like this, the reality of it doesn’t hit me until darkness falls or a few weeks later, at most. As they say, time unlocks itself and life goes on.

  1. sorry to hear about your cat. 😦 i haven’t experience a real death yet, but many things in my life which have ended, it affects me a lot. i guess all endings are so final that you can’t not be affected in some way, whether the feeling comes immediately or weeks after. but you’re right, life goes on… you just have to live without that person or that something.

  2. He was really old, like the Face of Boe. This is the second time I’d have to pick up pieces of myself, like a broken vase and some glue… and a hell of a lot of time.

  3. what about your shrink? or friends you can talk to about this? but i guess there are some things you can’t bring yourself to talk about sometimes, at that point until you’re ready.

  4. Death… This year was an eventful one. My 88 year old grandma and then my father, who DID NOT die (thankfully), but were so close to it that it made me spent lots of time thinking about it.

    I have an old dog and I’m so terrified that I could lose him very soon.

    I am not religious, so the feeling that they’re just gone forever with no chance of seeing them again is horrifying.

    And Heath… well, you know. I still feel strange for grieving a person I never knew.

    I think when someone close to you die, you don’t really start feeling the impact of the whole thing until you start your daily life without them and see the holes where they should have been.

    So sorry about your cat.

  5. Thank you, guys. Although I won’t be seeing my “shrink” (as Sulz calls him) until next Wednesday at college. Until then, I’ll have to keep myself together.

  6. Is it a psychologist?

  7. Yup, supplied by the college.

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  9. omg, your interview is published! i didn’t freaking know you’re younger than me, i always thought you were at least 2 years older!! 😀 great interview, i learnt so much about you.

  10. omg omg, i never knew that’s how you see my blog… that was awesome, truly. *hugs*

  11. Two years older, Sulz? Everyone thinks I’m younger for some odd reason, until I pull out the ‘ol Proof of Age card and leave everyone either gibbering or speechless! 😀 Awww! Have another huggy! 😀

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