I heard a lot to do with Tibet lately thanks to the Olympics looming ahead of us and with it’s neighbour getting all the attention like a slimy newborn baby who just popped out into the world screaming for immediate attention. It was originally because of two things; because of the fact that Tibet wasn’t a part of China and because of China and it’s track record of being as humane as Robert Mugabe minus the statues and the overglorification and their merchandise being shoddy, which surprised me since the Olympic Village and all the related buildings have sprouted off the ground all ready for the Big Day. Unfortunately, talking about it does get people into trouble, like Björk who got into trouble when she sung the words of “Tibet, tibet.” during her live redition of Declare Independence in Shanghai with many Chinese members of Youtube declaring her a bully, even if she talks truth. Goes to say that truth is stranger than fiction when it comes to things like these, because some people can’t handle it.

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