Life’s Lessons: ALA CUISINE

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903) act 1
Irish dramatist & socialist (1856 – 1950)

The on and off rainy season here in Oz continues with the blazing of the heaters and the prolonged uses of the hot showers in every home despite the constant need for everyone to use less energy because of the gas crisis. Winter is naturally cold, therefore, logic dictates that we as a part of the animal kingdom go forth and search for sources of heat; that being of fire. Since I already journeyed forth and gathered my heat, I thought it was time I made something in the kitchen for my sister and the rest of the family. Something good, something wintry, something… sweet. I braved the making of a dessert called a clafouti. I gathered the ingredients and substituted the use of heavy cream for double cream, having a slight feeling that I would’ve mucked it up. In terms of the making of the batter, it was very out of the blue! Hell, I didn’t really measure out the ingredients until halfway through (notably the flour) and also doing the whole thing with the mixer in a stop-put-start kind of pattern. I am very confident in making things from boxes, but the wellness of the clafouti left me stoked. Next time, I’ll make something from the cookbooks of Jamie Oliver. By the way, the recipe was from here.

  1. You know, I am living, walking proof of Shaw’s quote, but, I must I admit, I have never heard of caflouti. I will have to try that some time.

  2. You should!:D Although I must say, I should’ve dusted the thing with caster sugar after. But it still tastes nice with double cream 😛

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