The Long Walk Home: THE JOURNEYMAN

I will be absolutely honest with everyone who drops in here. It has been a while since I have last posted following a few events that changed my life somewhat, prompting me to take time out from the usual of blogging and the other thing I often mention, including the old scavenged video or two from Youtube. I’m starting to find that the re-taking of self teaching myself piano is quite therapeutic despite my beginner level. My thoughts drift back to that day now and then and the old “it could’ve been fixed”, plus, I must keep in mind of the triggers such as certain songs of which I won’t mention.  I’ve been rethinking as well what must be done in this space of time as well, like the taking of formal lessons in piano, since  the learning of that instrument will help me let go of my  self-destructive/destructive tendencies I’ve been exhibiting for the past few weeks, on and off, turning them into something constructive. Until then, this will be the longest, most loneliest road home for me in terms of condition.

  1. “… self-destructive/destructive tendencies…” I hope there’s nothing too bad going on! You’re making me worried now.

  2. Well, how can I put it? Yes and no, hence my visits with a psychologist on a Wednesday. That’s all I can manage to bring up in terms of comments at the moment 🙂

  1. July 13th, 2008

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