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Lessons in The Chaos Merry-Go Round: 1

Karma and chaos or the opposing forces in the universe. Continue reading

Winter Music: DRESDEN

With the onset of winter, it is good to do following: Continue reading

On the Subject of Moving Forward: FINDING OCCUPATIONS

On the subject of Letting Go when it comes to “Certain Relationships” I get reminded by like-moded folk such as myself to forget, move on and find a hobby, even though such activities or plans of them seem too harrowing to bear for people like myself. After all, it is imperative that activities are created or found to be done in this age where relationships from friendships to family never last more than a year and no one seems to care for either party, whether attached or alone. So, what to do? Simple. Continue reading

When the Goddess Smiles: CHAOTIC FORCES

It’s been a couple of weeks since that little chapter of my life started to distort the reality around me, making me rather outside of it. Continue reading


After letting go of someone I absolutely cherished, befriended and ultimately hated for obvious reasons, I felt the world change in a dramatic shift; Continue reading