Supanova: PART I

Cloudy, with bouts of sunshine and freezing wind as with the Perthian winter staple of being unpredictable most times. I sojourned past the City and to the dome of the Showgrounds for the annual celebration that is Supanova with my friend Sam (who I made the acquaintance at a concert a few years ago) and his lady, Laura. Sam dressed up as Hunk from the gore and zombie decked Resident evil, whilst the lady decked herself up with cat ears and boots and myself, an Elegant Gothic Aristocrat with blue hair and a symbol below my eye in honor of Alex of A Clockwork Orange. The dome itself was bedecked with stalls and many strange and costumed folk (of which I took many pictures) of good repute, such as the local fan-club for the series of Doctor Who (with a Dalek opposite the stall itself), Quality Comics, White Dwarf Books and many others I haven’t the memorial capacity to list. We stopped by at the silly antics of a wrestling bone-headed muscle man against a brave geek-lad (who was applauded by me; kudos for standing against an enemy with the nerve to label us all losers). I was photographed and hounded myself by friendly people and people not in costume at all, with Sam complaining of an itchy nose and occasional bouts of “Mummy, are you my mummy?” by the gentlemen occupying the Who stall as we clambered for shots of the gigantic Dalek creature. A few hours later of wandering around, we stopped at what served as the cafeteria, where the three of us sipped orange juice in cartons and planned where to go while Sam ducked off for the costuming competition registration and I thought of withdrawing money of which I didn’t, since the Teller was occupied all the while. Meanwhile, a group awaited us two at the center of stalls back inside…

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