In the Company of One and Many: FRIENDS

I was awarded the advanced screening of Kung-Fu Panda by the competition in the local papers and rounded up a group of friends to go see the moving picture with me in a place called Greater Union and enjoying the company of a gentleman friend by the name of R___ who is linked to a friend of mine from yore, Matthew New, twin of M______. We enjoyed each others’ company in the Sizzler restaurant outside of Greater Union two hours and a half before the movie itself started by the salad and drink bar, whereas I on the other hand, had the patience and the stomach to wait for my meal of steak and mashed potatoes with calamari, topped with pepper steak sauce whilst talking to R___ who appeared earlier in the drink bar looking rather lost, since he says he hadn’t been in a Sizzler restaurant since the age of childhood. R___ himself is a jovial fellow, mannerly in his ways and lively bordering on cheeky, as evidenced by the talk of rather lewd and rowdy gentleman’s subjects involving flesh, nakedness, two people in a room and leather amongst the subjects of talking about his pet scorpion, his love, his job (working in an apothecary) and of course his depraved childhood of not going to a Sizzlers restaurant more than once. The lady at the counter remembered us as loud and even louder in ways of dress; it could be my way of dressing looking like a cross between a Droog and a Gangster wearing copious amounts of black with pinstripes with “bondage” written on my clothes in ways of metal bits and faux-leather straps resembling restraints and a fedora which I took off in the restaurant. Being a leisurely eater as I am, I ate the slowest, while everyone else on the table ate and conversed with great gusto looking forward to dessert, trying to assist me with the completion of my meal. After all, what are friends for? We exited the eatery with as much enthusiasm as when we came in, eliciting many stares and gazes thanks to me and my supposedly bizarre tastes in clothing, with one woman behind us (who was with the rest of her family, plus child) remarking on my boots and her not wanting to trip on them if she ever wanted to move forward, since the line was as long as a convention’s entrance line. The movie itself was enjoyable, minus the part of the “introduction” done by the organizers of the competition for the said passes. We spent the rest of the night charging down the highway in wild abandon just to get home.

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