Guilty Pleasures: PREPARATIONS

It is with great delight that I gather myself up from the books and the dust and set forth into The City on a sunny June day despite the strangeness of winter and picked up the following:

  1. The Pirate Demonia boots I held on lay-by; The other pair of boots made by the same folks in my possession is old and they are a hassle to put on. Let’s see… Three pairs of socks to just avoid rather bad blisters alone, several frustrating minutes trying to painfully zip up the sides for both boots and finally the slow, tedious lacings of them which takes most of the early hours of morning to do.
  2. A ring that finally fits my finger.
  3. An eye-pencil in black to do the designs under my eye ala Alex DeLarge or Death of The Endless.

Both of the ladies from the separate stores I visited are quite keen on receiving the photographs for the outing I prepared for during the weekend, I suspect that they will both use the pictures as a mode of advertising their respective wares. On another note, I saw a friend of mine of the Park Bunch, Telly and his brigade roaming the city not once, but twice! I addressed him in passing with just a smile and a nod, for I wasn’t in my usual outerwear this day to make the shopping a little easy on myself, even if I felt honestly embarrassed even in passing glimpse.

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